Q2017 R3 - Freezes when I add Account (the "+" icon) when current item has no category

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Had a transfer from a savings account to a CD, needed to create the CD account.  Left transfer w/o a category.  Quicken freezes.  Restarted and repeated twice.  Then added "misc expense" to category. Add account works.  Win 7 Ultimate, Q 2017 SR3.


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    Why aren't you posting this transaction as a transfer TO the CD account?  

    In your savings account, you should use the category as the name of your CD account in square brackets, such as [My CD account].

    That would be the correct way of recording this in Quicken, as in fact in real life you transferred funds from your savings account to the CD account.
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    Hi @ txaggiese ,

    You first create a New Quicken Register for a CD and is opened at $0.00.

    Now go to the Savings Register and do the Transfer from Savings to the CD for whatever amount you transfer to the CD The opening Balance for the CD is $0.00.

    Use the Memo Field to add additional information about the Transfer.

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    I did a poor job of posting the issue.  Rather I should state:

    I can create a new account using the "+" button when I have a register open.  In this case I need a new account to track a CD.  HOWEVER, if I happen to have an item selected and don't completely leave the item, specifically if I didn't have a category assigned, Quicken will lockup/freeze.

    I can be in another item, with a valid category, and I can add an account w/o and issue.

    I know how to transfer between accounts, I was trying (unsuccessfully) to point out an edge condition where Q2017 locks up.  Otherwise, the program has been pretty solid.  A nice improvement.

    Thank you for the fast replies.  If I didn't know how to do a transfer they would have been quite helpful. 

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