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Using Quicken 2015 for Windows I download investment transactions and click accept all. But some require specifying average cost or lot id. Many users ALWAYS choose the same one. Please add a feature allowing us to set it as a preference so we don't have to manually edit each individual transaction in order to accept its downloaded transaction.


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    For what it is worth I consider the option to default to a given lot selection separate from "Accept All".  Even if you are accepting transactions one at time, when you get to a sell it is going to prompt you for the lots.  Note that if you use FIFO then you can just click OK because it is the default. But if you use LIFO you will have to go into the selection process every time.

    Personally I always use FIFO, but even there it would be nice not to have to have it popup the dialog for me to click OK on.

    As for Accept All.  Investment account action coding is complicated, and for the most part it isn't done by Quicken at all.  It is done by your financial institution.  So whereas one financial institution my download flawlessly, another might get all of the actions/information wrong.  But in general it really tends to be a few action types here and there and one just has to know how to deal with them.

    For the most part I have had to fix a few action types here and there on an ongoing basis.  But in truth I can use the automatic entry mode which is basically Accept All, but of course I check what is downloaded and fix as needed and never assume that it is Quicken's role to ensure that everything is accurate.
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