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I am using Quicken 2016 R10 ( on a Dell laptop, Windows 10

I have a couple of serious problems that have cropped up recently in a brokerage account.  The account is linked to a cash account.  I do NOT download, but enter transactions manually.

The balance in the linked cash account is correct and can be reconciled to the broker's statements.  However, the balance that is shown in the Accounts column (on the left) is showing a balance that is almost $100,000. higher than actual. This creates a discrepancy in my net value/Ending Balance. This is an ongoing issue for a few months, but I have sort of lived with it, but it would surely be nice to know why this would be the case.

Yesterday, I was entering a buy of 5000 shares @19.98 (99,907. with commission) through the brokerage account, and transferred the money from the linked account to cover the purchase.  This should have left me with a very small balance in cash, but the balance is still over by the same amount (almost $100,000). 

But even worse, for some reason, when I recorded the transaction, the brokerage account increased by $550million !!!  Something is terribly wrong with this.  I have deleted and re-entered the transaction 5 times, with the same result.

I have run a validation, but nothing was found (except for a couple of items on accounts that are no longer in use).

I need to get this information recorded ASAP and sure hope someone can provide some help.


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    If you right-click on white space in that account bar on the left, a possible selection may be relevant.  Is the setting for Show Current Balance or for Show Ending Balance?  Current balance is likely the preferable selection, but even if it is already set that way, I would toggle to the other one to see if any change in value occurred.  It may even be that toggling off and back on may rectify the discrepancy.  

    Beyond that, you will need to find a report that agrees with the account bar to troubleshoot  the source of the difference.  An Investing / Portfolio Value report might be helpful.  
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    Thanks for the suggestion about toggling, which I did do with no difference. I've been using Quicken for probably 25 years and did not even know about that feature, so you learn something every day!

    I have tracked down the discrepancy by using your second suggestion, so thanks for that as well.  I just now have to figure out how to record it correctly (a transaction related to SEP required distribution that I've obviously recorded to the incorrect account).  But at least, it looks like I'll be able to deal with the problem now.

    Many THANKS
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