Wells Fargo Investment Fund Name Change - Download Issue

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My investment fund changed at Wells Fargo. In the qfx file that was downloaded the name changed from 'BlackRock Lifepath Index 2020 NL Fund N' to 'BlackRock LifePath® Index 2020 NL G'. I suspected that Quicken 2017 Premier couldn't deal with the registration trademark symbol in the name. I removed the symbol in the qfx file but that did not help. I have notified Wells Fargo. What happens when opening the qfx file is it appears to recognize that a fund name is new. It allows me to select from 'is this the same fund' or 'new fund' I select new fund as WF actually moved my holdings to that new fund. No transactions appear to allow me to accept into the account. In the account frame at the far left it shows that there are 8 new transactions to accept but Q17 will now show the transactions.

Hopefully between Quicken support (if they pick up this issue here) or WF this will be solved. Please no speeches about community vs. support. I don't have time to walk a L1 support person through this issue.


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    I suspect your underlying issue is the same that I identified in this discussion:

    Make sure you have two unique securities created in your Quicken file.  

    I find it preferable in these types of situations (fund class changes) to do the transactions manually in Quicken rather than rely on brokerage downloads.  

    I would then do an Enter Transactions for a Corporate Acquisitions whereby Fund G acquires Fund N.  Be sure to get the share ratio right; hopefully it is 1-to-1.  

    If the share ratio is 1-to-1, you would have the option to more simply rename the security and change its ticker (rather than do the Corp. Acquisition).  You can do that by editing the security details for Fund N.  At the same time, uncheck the box that it is matched to an online security. You'll be able to rematch on your next download.  

    I can't comment on the 8 transactions not shown.  Hopefully that will clear up after you make these fixes.  
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    The issue has been resolved. Q17 apparently has some issues showing downloaded transactions. This is based on several threads where the downloaded transactions will not be shown to allow acceptance. You can edit account settings, online services, deactivate and toggle automatically accept transactions. Lot's of people having the same or similar issue.

    I did test with a new account and the transactions showed up as expected.

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