401K Transactions change from BoughtX to Bought

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I'm using Q17 R4 Win10. I've been using Quicken to track 401K transactions (3 different accounts, and several brokerage changes) since 2009 and never had experienced downloaded BoughtX transactions changing to Bought until Q16 and now Q17. I do not have auto entry turned on, transactions are downloaded as BoughtX, but once accepted, convert to Bought. My 401s do not maintain a cash balance. Currently, my wife and I each have Fidelity 401Ks - one account changes the action to Bought, one does not change BoughtX.

I have read other posts with same problem, but haven't seen a solution. If the transaction is downloaded as BoughtX, populates in the register as BoughtX and the TXFR account is also populated with the the 401K account name, why does the action change to Bought when accepted? How do I change this?

Update - I found Hidden placeholders in the account - fixed and will have to see when I do my next download in 2 weeks if this fixed the problem.
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