401K Rollover to IRA Instructions

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I could not find clear instructions on this, so I thought I'd Post this for Users to find.

This is how I Closed Out my 401K account wtih a Rollover to an IRA.

1. From your Company's 401K Account Transaction History:  On the Date you closed out your 401K, get the Date, # Shares, and Total Sale for each Mutual Fund you sold/closed out in your 401K.
2. In Quicken (I'm using 2017),
    - Navigate to your 401K Account
    - Enter Transaction, select Enter Transaction as Sell-Shares Sold
    - Keep the "Record proceeds?" default set to go to the Account's Cash Balance.
    - Fill in the Date, Security name, Number of shares, and Total Sale (or Price received) for each Fund or Stock you had in your 401K.
3.  This will reduce and eventually set the 401K's Securities Value to Zero and the Cash Balance to the amount that you will then Enter Transaction, selecting Cash Transferred out of Account
to the Transfer account of your new IRA
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