Quicken 2017, Windows 7: Stock Price value maintenance glitches

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Quicken 2017 R4 Build Crashes and shuts down when I try to edit stock prices manually in either the portfolio UI or the stock update UI.  It needs updating, because it is showing the same price for each fund in Schwab fund account once I go back to a date other than today (eg, 1/31/17 or 12/31/16 when today is 2/12/17).


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    I've been using Quicken since the mid 90s.

    On this issue, I have "validated" the file (without changing the history of stock prices), and I have downloaded and installed the "mondo patch" for 2015 4.1. At first is seemed to work: I could update the prices, an run a portfolio report reflecting the statement values.  But if I left that UI and returned, all the symbols in that fund reflected the same price, one of the entered ones.  Second time I tried to correct the prices, the program crashed completely without warning or error message.

    So I have 3 issues today and one filed earlier:

    * stock pries are reflecting your download and not my brokers valuations in the best circumstances

    * stock prices are corrupted in relation to stock symbols

    * system crashes when you try to fix the stick prices

    The earlier one is that you I cannot us the C and R flags on broker stock activity to tie the lines out to the brokers statements.

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