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Where is Security Detail view in Mac 2017?

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I do not see anything similar to the old "Security Detail" window from Quicken 2007 for Mac. Does it no longer exist? Why would they do such a thing? I am referring to the window that would show every transaction for each security organized by security.

Also, it seems most of the old reports are gone. So far, the new version seems like a backwards step from the old one. Ten years in development for this?


  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    edited March 2017
    click menu Window > Securities

    Just FYI, it's not ten years of development. Q for Mac was rebuilt from scratch starting about 3-4 years ago. There has been continual improvement, albeit slower than most of us would like.

    Below is a link with an index of Idea posts that you can VOTE for to give the develops an idea of what improvements you would like to see:

    You can also go to this link to vote for specific ideas and give your feedback for others not on the list:
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  • Lyn Buddenhagen
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    QM2017: Can't help you about the reports, but I did find a way to view all transactions for a single security: in the Transactions window, enter your security name or ticker in the Search box, hit enter, then WAIT: IT OFTEN TAKES A MINUTE OR MORE to process the request. 
  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
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    Oh right, forgot about some of the features of the Security Detail in QM2007. If you're looking for setup info and price history, that is available in the Securities Window by double clicking on a security name.

    As Lyn says, you can see all the transaction using a register search. To speed up the search, click in the search box then click the magnifying glass and limit the search to Security/Payee. You can also use the filters to limit the date range which will also speed up the search.

    If you click the name or symbol of a security in the portfolio view, it will take you directly to a web page with many details about the security including a basic price graph.
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  • Unknown
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    Lyn, thanks for your response. That does indeed work. I discovered it myself by accident a short while ago. The "support" person from Quicken told me that such a thing was not possible in this version and that led to my post. Thankfully people like you know more than their "support." It's astonishing to me that someone from Quicken couldn't tell me how the program works.

    Rick, Window>Securities merely returns a list of Securities with little information about them at all. It seems completely pointless. Double clicking on a security name shows set up info, most of which has been inexplicably deleted (all the stocks are now "other" and all the asset classes are now "unclassified)" or a price history but no transaction information, which is what I used to see under the old security detail window. Fortunately, I have found another way to view this info as listed above.

    The lack of reports is disturbing. Again, why eliminate useful features from 2007, which, I have discovered, still works under Sierra? No return on Investment? That seems fairly significant of a report. And the tax report doesn't seem to be working properly. Much of my information is missing. I will contact "support" and see if they can figure that one out.

    Thanks all for your feedback. You're more helpful than Quicken people have been so far. Perhaps I was just unlucky the first time. I am hopeful  the experience gets better.
  • KAGBell
    KAGBell Member
    Bruce, I couldn't agree with you more!  This was a huge step backwards.  Even though you can find the information through the portfolio>transactions method, it does not prove the information in a way that can be easily used for gain/loss information.  That was an easy thing to do in 2007 and I used it often.  Quicken has had no interest in reintroducing that feature from what I have heard recently.  It's basic coding!
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