How do I record the Jarden Newell combination (Quicken 2016)

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Jarden Corp exchanged for 0.862 shares of Newell plus $21 cash per share


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    The link to their form 8937 is (currently) in their FAQ presentation:

    Therein, the declare the 0.862 share ratio, the $21.00/share cash, and they estimate the fair market value of the NWL shares as of the merger at $44.205.  

    These values are represented in the following spreadsheet excerpt along with the applicable logic.  
    My basic steps would be as follows:
    1)  Sell each lot of Jarden shares owned for the indicated price per share depending on the basis per share of that lot.  From that sale, you may have a capital gain or might not.
    2)  You buy new shares of NWL as applicable for the proper new basis.  This brings the cash in your account back down to the cash you actually received.  
    3)  Remove Shares transaction for those shares just bought
    4)  Add Shares transaction for those same shares, this time supplying the correct (original) acquisition date for the lot and repeating the cost basis from the purchase.

    When complete for all lots, sell any fractional share at the rate of $44.19/share per the form 8937, or for the actual cash-in-lieu amount you received (should be the same).

    The example lots 1, 2, and 3 I have shown above should correspond to the 8937 form examples.     
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