Quicken 2017 crashing on manual stock update: update

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Quicken continues to crash on manual stock price updates.

Quicken Premium 2017, R4, Build  Windows 7, Service Pack 1.  User since the early 90s.

Two weeks ago, I posted that Quicken was crashing when I updated the stock prices on my Schwab accounts to tie out the balances to Schwab's statements.  This started happening after I had upgraded to 2017 from 2016.

From other community user's advice, I ran the Mondo Patch.  Alone, it did not regress or advance anything. 

I then validated the file without deleting the stock price history.  Again, no noticeable difference: it found some poorly entered and cancelled entries from 10 years ago, and two recent corrupt payroll entries.  Better to find than not not to, better still if the corruption had not happened.

Next I validated the file and deleted the stock price history.  It took a few times, but eventually the current stock values were updated.  It was an improvement: I was able to reconcile and balance the Schwab accounts.

However, the accounts that track our ESPP and Stock Options were off by hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I re-entered everything from July 2016 - the most recent correct balance I could find - laboriously, and recovered the correct position.

Looking good; a waste of the Presidents day holiday, but getting there.

Next, I started on my 401K.  Unfortunately, I had not reconciled that since March 2016.  The stock quantities at that date were correct, but the regenerated historic prices differed from my statements and from the Quicken 2016 Portfolio I had printed out back then.

So I went in to revise the stock prices.  POOF, THE SCREEN GOES BLANK.  I was in the Portfolio View.  I've tried to address it by revalidating the file and generating new historic prices twice, with similar result.  The application has reported the status back to Quicken several times this evening.  The event reporoduced itself each time

Some of earlier work has remained OK, but some remains yet again different.

The reason I use Quicken rather than an aggregator is to manage our finance, both short term and long term.  This is making that impossible: I had hoped to get to my taxes today.

And on top of tat, the posting I made here last week has disappeared!  Not only is it not responded to, it is "stalinized", deleted from the record!  What gives?


Check, mondo patch run
Check, file revalidated, prices updated many times
What to do next?

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