Q2017 Windows: Investment accounts summary data incorrect after import from Brokerage account

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I am having the same issue as reported in post "Discrepancies between account summary (left frame) and investment summary (right frame)", however that user had Quicken 2015 and I have Quicken 2017. I imported the data for both of my accounts from Fidelity, but the left pane shows totals that are 2x what the right pane does.
The issue seems to be that when the import happened the number of shares and share valuie value of the funds AND the cash value of the fund were BOTH add into the investment, even thought there is no actual cash in it. This sounds like something I read a couple of minutes ago while searching around, but I didn't understand what it meant.
Assuming the same thing happened to you, do the following. In the left pane click on the account. When the summary comes up click on Holdings. If you see a line item for Cash, click on it and set the value to $0 and click Done. That should reset the left pane to match the right pane.


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    Thanks for posting the solution to your issue.

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    Note that this solution simply enters into the transaction list a XOut transaction for that dollar amount, categorized to the same account.  That is a technique to make cash disappear into thin air (or can be similarly used to make cash magically appear.  

    I would think a better solution would be to identify those transactions that are creating the cash imbalance or discrepancy and then edit or delete those transactions.  It is quite possible that with the errant transactions in place, you end up misrepresenting income (like dividends), expenses, security performance, etc.  
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