Can't find edit tab For investments portfolios, Need to remove or update some

Tim Moeller
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Problems with investing I tried to delete, and remove some of my online portfolio names [tickers] because everything on Quicken. com is wrong to many accounts, not correct shares or value, help topics tell me there is an edit button to use, can't find it on the site, tried to delete names of accounts, it asked me to confirm,  I did confirm, it never removed anything, tried to find transactions for accounts, can.t find any , to many accounts showing most showing 2 times , tried to use portfolio manager just asks if I want to start new. I want to see everything that I see on my portfolio at home, from my Quicken 2017 ver.4 for windows 10  on my registered investing website.  Doe's anyone know how to get this to work properly? I have used Quicken onestep update to keep this correct but I guess no luck  I better stop now . Just looking for advice, Please help, Have a good day ,Thanks, Tdraym


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