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Just downloaded Q17 4.4.3 for Mac and converted my data file from Quicken 2016 Premier.

First off, the reporting is really rudimentary compared to Q2016.

Specific problem: when I create a custom report for investment
income, it ignores the catagories "reinvest dividend" (and interest, and LT cap gain,
and ST cap gain). Even if I set up a report with only those four categories selected, they are ignored.


  • Concordman
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    Under Customize Report Check to determine if the associated accounts generating the dividends are checked as well.
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    For your investment income report - assume you are working with the Category Summary Report?

    Under Customize > Payees - do you have 'All' selected? If so, change this to 'None'.

    Post back if this does not correct your issue. Using the above report, I do see all of the above mentioned investment income categories.

    Your comment; "First off, the reporting is really rudimentary compared to Q2016."
    Amen to that - the good news is that the dev team has been working on this area recently and they are slowly making some progress.
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  • Concordman
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    JM, awhile back I noticed this issue i.e. reinvested dividends, had payees to none but noted I did not have the particular Investment account checked. That solved it for me
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    I can confirm that in my QM17 file (Version 4.4.3 (Build 44.15091.100), when running a Category Summary Report for an investment account, every category except Dividend Income, Buy, and Sell is ignored.

    The report I ran was for one of our taxable brokerage accounts, which is called Vanguard Core in my file.

    In the Customize window, it was the only account selected. No tags or payees were selected, and every Investment-related category was selected:


    This is what QM returned when I clicked OK:


    In 2016, this account actually had reinvested dividends, reinvested LTCG and reinvested STCG transactions totaling $8270.14. 

    The only thing the report picked up was a errant dividend transaction from the account's money market mutual fund (which should be categorized as reinvested). 

    Under "OTHER," the numbers for Buy and Sell are technically correct, if reinvestment transactions and sell-offs of the account's MM fund are included.

    Curious, I clicked on the OTHER subtotal (all of the subtotals are linked). This sub-report window came up:


    As you can see, the sub-report is zeroed out, though I confirmed that Buy and Sell were the only categories selected in the Customization window, Vanguard Core was the only account selected, and there were no tags or payees selected. 

    When I customized this sub-report with the delimiters I'd selected in the original Category Summary Report, QM finally spit out an accurate report, with all of the account's income types listed:


    I had to save this customized sub-report as a custom report to keep it from disappearing; closing this window without saving it as a new report does not correct the original Category Summary Report. Furthermore, clicking on one of the linked numbers in the Other subcategory just brings up another zeroed-out sub-report. 

    Maybe one of the many folks on this board who's smarter than I am has an idea of what might be going on. I'm stumped. 
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