QWin 2017: Cannot download account info from Charles Schwab.

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I changed my password at Charles Schwab. US Quicken 17 for Windows won't let me change the Schwab password for the the Account Update process. It says that Schwab will not accept my new password. What should I do?


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    For some reason Quicken attempts to control the password requirements for financial institutions when you enter the password in Quicken instead of just passing the password the user enters.  Thus they have to store the password requirements for each FI w/i Quicken and unfortunately they get out of sync.  This sounds like the issue you are experiencing.

    Try updating this information by doing the following.

    Choose the Tools menu > Online Center.

    Hold down CTRL+SHIFT on your keyboard and click Contact Info (at the top of the window) with your mouse.

    In the dialog box that is displayed, select the problem account from the drop down menu.

    With the account selected, check the box for Financial Institution Branding and Profile and click on the Refresh button

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    Many thanks Kevin. Good to go!
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