purchase of stock shows an increase in cash insetad of reduction in cash, why?

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Quicken 15 R12 OS Win 10.  Problem may have something to do with correcting the non-taxable event merging Alcatel / Nokia on 1/7/2016 which became a taxable event. There were 15 lots of Alcatel which were allocated to 15 lots of the new stock Nokia. In order to correct I deleted each of the merged entries.
Then showed the sale of Alcatel as a loss which showed the correct increase in cash, roughly the market value on date of sale. Cash balance became $413.10

Next was the purchase of the Nokia shares at a rate of .55 shares of Nokia for each share of Alcatel and a cost determined from the sale of the 102 shares of Alcatel, $413.10

Cash balance did not decrease. Why?


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    In report generated from security list found an incorrect entry not shown in the account register. Once the entry was deleted I was able to enter the buy and had the cash balance properly reflect the buy.
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