Account flagged with new transactions but I can't see them

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Quicken Premier 2016
Quicken downloaded transactions for my ScotTrade account. Now the investment account and the cash account are flagged with new transactions, but I cannot see them nor clear them. Additional transactions have downloaded since this happened and show as 'Accepted' but will not clear from the Downloaded Transactions window.

I tried a File / Validate & repair but it didn't fix anything.


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    If downloaded transactions appear to be stuck in
    limbo, please try this:

    To turn Automatic
    Transaction Entry On/Off for selected accounts

    1. Choose Tools menu
      > Account List.
    2. Click the Edit button next to the account
      you want to change.
    3. In the Account Details
      dialog, click the Online Services tab.
    4. In the Online Setup area,
      click "Automatic entry is: [On or Off]".
    5. In the Automatic Transaction
      Entry dialog, choose one of the following options:

      Use the general account preference that applies to all accounts

      Yes - Always automatically add transactions for this account

      No - Never automatically add transactions for this account
    6. Make sure and choose
      "On" for #4 and "yes-Always..." for #5
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    Thank you! That seems to have worked
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