QMac: Share balance not removed on a sale transaction

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I just switched to Quicken for Mac, on PC, selling stocks is a breeze.  But on MAC, I entered a sale, and it added the cash to my cash balance, but the stock is still showing in the portfolio.  On PC, you get a prompt to sell all shares, but could not find in on MAC version.  What am I doing wrong?


  • Lyn Buddenhagen
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    Using 4.4.3? No, no prompt or ability to sell all shares, a pity; maybe they will add that feature. You do need to put in the number of shares - it took my entry that did not have anything in the shares field - could it be that simple? Probably not, but worth asking you about.
  • Concordman
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    How many shares are showing, is it a fractional quantity?
  • ThomasMTodd
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    all of them.  E.g., you "sell" 250 shares at 100/share, and you will have $25K extra in cash, but the stock wil also still be in your portfolio, at 250 shares.  Another thread says a sale creates a placeholder transaction, at the beginning of the register, which you have to go find and delete, i.e., a total pain in the backside, which makes no sense at ll.
  • Lyn Buddenhagen
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    I'm thinking those stinky placeholder entries are only created when you are downloading from your financial provider. But it sounds like you are manually entering your transactions. IMHO, this might be the time to contact Quicken support - manual sales work fine in my 4.4.3 version.
  • David Hunter
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    I'm having the same issue and it occurred on one new security purchase as well.  It appears to happen when a security holding either starts at zero shares or else sells down to zero. Deleting the placeholder at the very beginning of the file fixes the individual security but it requires an amount of research because there are placeholders that don't appear to be candidates for deletion.
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