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Quicken 2016 for Windows version.  Back in January 2017 somehow I ended up with a duplicate transaction.  I entered a withdrawal from my IRA account to my checking account but some months later noticed the duplicate.  My wife deleted one of the records from the checking account but now there is the dangling entry in the IRA account for duplicate entry.  I try deleting the entry in the IRA account but Quicken wont allow it.  I get a message about this needs to be done from the receiving account. 
  How can I force Quicken to delete this dangling record from the IRA account?

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    The first thing I would try is to validate the file.

    File | File Operations | Validate & Repair: Validate

    Then check if you can delete the orphan transfer.

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    Thank you for the reply.  I am going to need some time to set-up a test system - I have a test machine that I load a test copy of Quicken. I also have a family function this weekend.

    Can you tell me what is "validate the file" ?  What file are we validating?  What conditions are we validating for?  Is there some written explanation of this validation process in the quicken help?

    Assuming the validation succeeds,  I assume I then try to delete the bad record from the IRA account - as we have already deleted the receiving side of the record
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    The file you're "validating" is your current Quicken data file.
    The validate process attempts to repair structural damage that could have been caused by a crash, forced termination of Quicken or disk I/O error. It cannot do magic beyond what the programmers told this process to do.
    Details of what exactly this process does are not available ... at least, I can't find anything documented in the public domain.
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    I was able to fix my problem.  Thanks to all for the help.
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