Quicken making error in putting shares to wrong fund

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I have Ouicken 2015 Home and business.  In a tax deferred account from work Q is
making an error.  It is saying that I Should
have 0 shares in “Fidelity Small Cap Value” with ticker FCPVX and instead it
should be in “FID SMALL CAP VALUE” which does not have a ticker.  So somehow it is thinking the Fidelity
account with all caps is the right account. 
It was Q that created this account.

How do I fix this?  It
did not even ask me if these accounts were the same as it has in the past.    


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    It sounds like the security is linked to the wrong online security.

    From the Security List, Edit each of the securities and uncheck the matched with online security checkbox. Then when you next download, you should get a prompt to match the security. Be sure you select the correct match and you should be good to go.

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