how do I change a fund in my roth IRA to a cash balance account?

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I've been using quicken for years, and now with quicken premier 2017. About a year ago I opened a Roth IRA, Everything updates and works. The only problem is that the money market fund is not considered my cash balance. At first I though I just needed to click a box somewhere, but no such luck in finding it. So then I figured I would just delete what I have done, and try to re-create a new account (after a backup of course), this doesn't seem to fix the cash balance issue either. recently I began "playing" with some stocks, and knowing the cash balance in the cash section would be a big benefit instead of having to go to the mutual account each time to see my cash balance. A step by step would be much appreciated here.  


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    Your money market fund is NOT cash.  It's a mutual fund that is most likely valued at $1 per share.

    Set up your money market as a security.  Then, purchase shares of that security in the amount of the money market.  $10,000 of money market value equal 10,000 shares.

    Then, you can view your Roth IRA in the Portfolio View and can see exactly the worth of the Roth, including the value of each security...which includes the "cash balance" of the money market (although in reality, it's not's a security).
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    IMHO, the answer to tracking MMF rollover transactions or not depends on whether the brokerage downloads all the MMF rollover transactions.
    In my investment account, the brokerage does not download either MMF holdings info and/or the rollover transactions to invest idle cash into a MMF and back to cash. So, I do not bother to manually record any of these rollover transactions.
    When reconciling my account with the monthly statement, I just simply compare the statement's
    (uninvested Cash Balance + any MMF share balance) to the Quicken Register Cash Balance. Works for me and Quicken does not hiccup about mismatched / missing Holdings.
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