deactivate / reactivate all accounts for one institution

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I have new investment accounts at an institution.  I understand that in need to de/reactivate the account to get the new accounts.  Do I have to do this to all the accounts at that institution or just one?  Can this be done at the institution level or do I have to de/reactivate all accounts for that institution?  Q16 Windows. 


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    You need to deactivate / reactivate only those accounts where the account numbers changed.
    When, during reactivation, you get to the list of accounts found at the bank/brokerage, for each account listed you need to click the LINK / ADD / IGNORE button and make a selection:
    Choose LINK to connect the account found with an existing Quicken account register then select the correct register from a small popup
    Choose ADD to create a new Quicken account register
    Choose IGNORE to not do anything at this time
    Proceed to the next screen only after you have made selections for all accounts listed.

    Upon reactivation Quicken will re-download 60 - 90 days worth of transactions. This may lead to duplicate transactions being entered into your registers. Carefully review and correct as needed.

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