Can't see my overdue Bill Reminders

Michelle Trayers
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I keep a bill reminder for my kid's allowance in Quicken. It helps me remember to check and see if she has done what was needed to receive it and then transfer the money to her savings account. Recently I was reviewing a reminder and when I went to delete it I received a message asking me if I wanted to delete the other two overdue reminders. Those are not on the list and I would like to know why. The whole purpose of putting the reminderimageimage there was so I don't forget to take care of this item. If the overdue reminders drop from the list it is not helpful. This one is for my daughter but what if it were for something else. What happens to these reminders if they are overdue and not showing on the reminders list?

The screenshots show my list of overdue bill reminders and the message I receive when I go to update the one for my daughter. Where are the other earlier unpaid instances they are talking about? I would not want to delete them without reviewing them. 


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    Did you try scrolling down the list there is not much screen showing once you get that message with the 3 choices.  I believe these are in newest overdue on top and oldest down further. 
    You also did not say which version of Q you are running MAC, WINDOWS, 2016 OR 2017
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    Quicken for Mac. I only showed the three because that is all I can see. You will see in this clip the next one is a current bill. I agree the older ones should be there but they are not. image
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    I have not seen this, but I don't let multiple reminders lapse. That said, I deal with lots of test files (and copies of my main file), and those get old and do show multiple iterations of missed schedtransx. My current beta file is filled with unpaid reminders-and those repeat.

    If you look at the Bill Reminder view, you should see a single instance (the next). In the actual register view, though, you should see each instance. Do you see all three missed reminders? You should as they flow inline in the register.

    I don't know what your settings are for the home/Overview page, so I cannot say if that is causing the issue. But, I can't think of any view setting that would preclude seeing the view.

    Note: you mentioned "deleting" these reminders. You don't want to delete the reminder, you want to skip the instances of them being paid. Deleting the reminder will completely remove the reminder. Skipping the instance is what you would use if Abbie hasn't done "what was needed to receive it."
  • I have gone back to Quicken for Windows because of this and other issues. Thanks for the input.
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