QWin: Stop Updating Security When Downloading Transactions

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I have a security that keeps updating its price to $1 per share every time I download transactions from my brokerage account.  Unfortunately, this broker isn't using the correct price for the security (which is closer to $1.50 per share) which then throws off my account market value and overall net worth.  I've tried to un-check the box "Matched with online security" for the security but every time I download my transactions it defaults to updating this security and the box is checked again.  It looks like there is a cusip associated with the security when selecting the "Other Info" button, which I presume Quicken is using to update the price even though I don't want it updated.

How do I keep this security from being automatically updated every time I download transactions?


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    You said: "Unfortunately, this broker isn't using the correct price for the security (which is closer to $1.50 per share)"

    Why? What's going on here? It's the broker's job to report the correct security price to you.

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    I don't think you can do what you want.  You need to get the financial institution to fix the information they are sending.

    The "Matched with online security" help (select the help icon on that dialog) says:
    "If you no longer want downloaded transactions having the same CUSIP number,..."

    Well you don't want the price, but you do want the transactions.  And it goes on to say:
    "To reestablish the connection, download transactions involving the security and
    select to match it again."

    In other words for you to accept the downloaded transactions, you turning this back on.
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    It's a unique type of investment (special annuity) which the broker has always recorded at $1 per share going back to my initial investment in 2004.  It's one of the top 3 Wall Street firms (where I worked for about 10 years) and so I'm not concerned with any funny business.  It's just the way they keep the records for this investment.  There's no problem with the hundreds of other securities I've had with this broker over the years. 
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