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Under Investing Portfolio, why do the columns for Average Annual Return (%) for 1 or 3 or 5 years all show N/A?  The only time the return numbers show up, is if you group by: Accounts.  Why do they show up there and not in any of the other group by categories, specifically Security.   I'm running Windows 7 with Quicken 2017 Premier.


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    The first consideration is that for a value to be presented in the portfolio view, the security must have been owned in Quicken at that beginning point.  So for Quicken to show a 1-year Avg Ann Return for 5/10/17, you had to own shares in that account on 5/10/16.  Similarly for the 3-year and 5-year values moving back to 3- and 5-years ago.

    But if you are seeing values for the By Account that suggests you owned some shares on the applicable beginning date and that the by Security setting should have been able to make the computation.  (More commonly, your question might have had the issue in the opposite pattern, value By Security, NA by Account.)

    The second consideration that then comes to my mind would be a placeholder in a not-obvious account.  I have not confirmed at this time that placeholders cause that NA behavior.  You might try customizing the portfolio view to a select number of accounts to see if you can narrow down to one account that is responsible for the NA appearing while grouped by Security.  (You might also group by security type and a few other selections which should behave the same as group by security.)

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      That did help!  I had added a TSP account as a cash account and had the account intent set on retirement.  When I added the account like this, it automatically was included in my customize current view under Investing Portfolio.  Even though it was checked, it didn't show up in my investing view.  I unchecked the account from customize current view, and all my %s came back.  Not sure why one account would affect all the other accounts like this, but it works.  Thanks for the help! 
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