Wrong names of stocks downloaded into Quicken--how to edit

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I am running Quicken 2017 Home & Business Version:  R6, Build: Yesterday I performed a One-step update. A stock that I had in a brokerage account had changed names. The value and number of shares. I have this stock in 3 different accounts. One of the accounts downloaded appropriately allowing to add the shares of the newly named stock and to remove the stock with the old name. In the other two accounts they were mixed up, wanting me to accept adding the shares of the stock with the old name and remove the shares of the new name for the stock. I tried editing to change/delete etc. to no avail. Any ideas. Thanks. Don


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    Are the 3 different accounts all at the same broker?  What are the brokerages for each account?  I assume the answer to the following question is "no" but I'll ask to be sure.  Are you long in all 3 accounts (i.e. you are not short in the 2 accounts that wanted to add the old version and remove the new version)?  This is all information related to the downloading of the transaction.

    You mention "the value and number of shares".  Seems like an incomplete thought.  Did these stay the same or is there some spin-off, split, tax event, etc that coincides with the name change?

    The above information will be helpful in determining what the problem might be but keep in mind two things.  First, in this situation (assuming no spin-off, split, tax-related transaction, etc) I would just go into the security list and change the name of the security and not deal with the add and remove transactions.  Second, you mention editing to change/delete etc. to no avail.  You should always be able to enter these transactions manually although to do so it might be helpful to delete the downloaded transactions from the download window before accepting them.
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    Hey thanks, Kevin for your response. No this is way simple and I have sort of taken care of most of it by now as I saw another post about how you can use an option for changing the name=Corporate Actions-name change. This has nothing to do with anything other than a name change. Same broker, 3 different accounts. Number of shares and value of shares all stayed the same. No spin-offs, tax related stuff, etc. Only a name change which was handled well by Quicken for one of 3 of the accounts. I now have some placeholders in a couple of the accounts [and I don't know what those are all about] but the values in Quicken match what is in my brokerage accounts. So not wanting to stir the pot, I will leave it like that. Thanks again for your thoughtful note.
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