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Two problems, perhaps related:

1. In one of my 4 Schwab accounts, I get a message that a
mis-match has occurred between my Schwab account and Q17 Premier as to the number of
shares. A table pops up showing the share count for each security.

 Quicken shows zero for many securities.  Yet when I call up the investing portfolio report,
Quicken shows all the correct number of shares. 
When I check the transaction register, the correct number of shares are

2. For the same Schwab account downloads of transactions
from Schwab are not including all the transactions.  I have to enter them manually. I have 3 other
Schwab accounts and they are downloading correctly. It says these manually
entered transactions have not yet been matched to a downloaded transaction.


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    For the problem securities, edit the security and uncheck the matched with online security checkbox. When you next download, you should get a prompt to match the new securities to securities in Quicken. Be sure to match each new security to the proper Quicken security.

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