How to match a manually created security online

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I made a mistake accepting an exchange in my 401k and ended up with a manually created security with online match grayed out. I have read older posts and there does not seem to be a solution inside Quicken (H&B 2016). I guess what I need is to cause Quicken to "challenge" me again for new/existing security. Is there a way to do that?


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    Restore your most recent backup file...then re-download your transactions or manually add all transactions from that date an time.  
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    It is normal for a manually created security to have the Matched to Online Security box unchecked and greyed out.  The option to uncheck that box only comes after you have matched a brokerage security to that security.  The fact that it is unchecked and greyed out means nothing from an online brokerage is matched to that Quicken security.  

    So if you matched the online security to a different security and you do not know what it is matched to, then as gmalis1 indicated, you likely need to restore a backup and try again.  If you know the Quicken security your online security is mismatched to, then you can uncheck the Match box for that Quicken security and you'll get the opportunity to rematch (correctly this time) with your next download.

    If you wanted to go to the extreme, you could go through your entire Quicken security list and uncheck all of them to be not matched.  The ones you currently own would pop up for rematching next time around.   

    Of course, BACKUP FIRST!!
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