QWin: How to set a cd maturity alert?

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The alerts section has a place for CD maturity dates but I can find no way to enter an alert for a muturing CD.  For some reason there are two accounts listed in the alerts section, but both matured years ago and I can find no way to add current CD's to the list.  Can anyone help.  How do  I get a CD account into the list?


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    In Q17, I created a sandbox investment account with a fake CD maturing in 5 days.  When I went to the Alert Center, and clicked on the Maturity Date alert (under Investing), I could see that the security was recognized and that the alert was set.  I set the alert as a popup and when I closed and reopened Quicken, I received a popup alert on this security.  All seems well.  

    Is this not what happens for you?  Is the security properly defined as a CD?  Is the maturity date set correctly?  Is the security in an investment account (I don't know how it couldn't, but thought I'd ask)?  Alerts go with securities, not accounts (so it appears).  Am I understanding your terms correctly?  

    My only other suggestion is the validate the Quicken file, then (if valid) consider other options.  I hesitate to tell you to recreate a new account and move the transactions into it.  That's a big/risky job.

    I recommend starting with making sure the security is properly registered into Quicken.
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