Yahoo shares conversion to Altaba

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Today, June 19, Yahoo shares started trading as Altaba (AABA).  I had some shares in a Charles Schwab account.  Quicken is bringing up a window in my Schwab account that says "Matching Security" and asking is this a "same" security or a new security.

Should I accept this as a new security and "exchange" the shares from Yahoo to Altaba?  or perform a name change?  Any recommendations on best method to handle this in Quicken?


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    My guess is... First backup everything then backup your backups.

    Then create a duplicate renamed folders of your Quicken data naming each new data file so you can tell them apart.  Then try it either/both ways and see what happens  :-)
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    Because it appears that the AABA prices before 6/19 are the YHOO prices from that period, I would:  
    Prior to accepting anything from the download, Edit the security details to change the name, change the ticker, and undo the "Matched with Online Security".
    Then process the download now matching the brokerage AABA to your Quicken AABA security.  

    Note that this will then be showing you bought AABA shares sometime before it existed, when they were actually YHOO shares.  That is bothersome to some users.  You may want to insert a 'Reminder" transaction with a suitable memo.  

    Your second option is to create the AABA security in Quicken, then have AABA acquire YHOO (Corporate Acquisition).  That will leave your records showing you historically bought YHOO when you actually did.  As far as tax consequences and most (but not all) reporting issues, the two approaches should be equivalent.  
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