QWin 2015 (R13): Fidelity cost data not being downloaded, unwanted Placeholders

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Quicken 2015, R13, Windows 10, no error messages

All of a sudden Quicken has started to create placeholders for every security every time I download prices and positions.  The accounts are all with Fidelity.  I have been a Quicken user since day 1 so my files are big, but this problem never occured before the recent update.

In an attempt to isolate the problem, I created a new Quicken data file and downloaded my Fidelity accounts.  What a mess.  It correctly downloaded the security position and current market value, but no cost information.  It then created a Placeholder for the uncosted securities. But strangely cost data came through for a handful of securities.

The issues seem related to me.  Is it a Fidelity or Quicken issue.

What's going on?


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    What recent update? Quicken program? Data file update (download)? Operating system? Financial institution updates?

    If I saw a sudden change, I would first be restoring a backup of the data file to see if the backup showed the same behavior.

    It is common for financial institutions to NOT download cost basis information. That info usually comes through as a consequence of the transactions that are downloaded, not as part of the holdings that are reported.

    If your transaction histories are in tact but you are not seeing accurate compatible cost basis data, that suggests to me that your data file may be damaged. Thus the backup approach may be your best option.
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