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A question for Quicken: My operating system is Windows 7 Professional. It has the current updates. I am using Quicken 2016 Deluxe for windows. It also has the current updates. My question is: Fidelity Investments made a purchase for me last January of the Oakmark Fund Investor Class (OAKMX). I entered this fund into my Quicken securities list. I opened the portfolio and entered the initial transaction. Then I returned to the portfolio view and that fund is not visible. An additional purchase was made by Fidelity in March but that also is not displayed in the portfolio view. The Quicken market value for the portfolio is one number; and looking at the Quicken accounts list that portfolio total is a different number. The difference between the two numbers being the Oakmark fund (OAKMX) that is not being displayed. What is going on? Am I doing wrong or is this a unique bug to Quicken 2016 or is it the security? I sure would like all my numbers add up. This is the only security that I have ever had a problem with and I don’t know why. I have since reinstalled Quicken 2016 from my CD, but with no positive results. Thank you for your help. [Personal information removed]


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    You need to add the security to view it in the Portfolio View.

    Click on the Customize button next to the date.  Select "Securities" and add that security to the view.

    When you add a new security, the default is NOT to add it to the view.  You have to do this manually. 

    Also, please don't put personnel info such as your phone number on a public forum.  
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