Same investment name, but different values

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I am using Quicken 2017 home and business (US). My husband and I each have Vanguard accounts with the same investment name. But, the price/value are different between the accounts. Both of ours download, but the cost takes from which ever account was downloaded last thus misquoting the other account


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    But do you have the same funds in the accounts? If the fund has the same ticker symbol it has the same price. Check the ticker symbol on each fund/security. Or why do you have different prices for the same investment? I have a lot of Vanguard. If one fund is a different kind of shares like Admiral then it has a different ticker symbol.

    Or if it is the exact same fund and ticker symbol and the value is wrong you have the wrong number of shares listed. You need to reconcile the accounts.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    Check to see if the securities are actually the same (i.e. Real Estate Fund Class A vs. Real Estate Fund Class B, etc.) Check your paper statements to see if they have the same ticker symbols or not and change this in your Q files if necessary. Quicken assigns the tickers for downloading purposes based on the user's input. 
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