QWin 2017 H&B: Janus Henderson merger - steps in Quicken

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Janus and Henderson did an all-stock merger on May 30th. What's the best way to enter this into Quicken? I use Quicken 2017 Home and Business.


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    A few details please-- how many shares of what company did you have before and what do you have now? Any cash distribution involved?
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    As I see it:
    The original Henderson did a 1-for-10 stock split just before this merger (May 26).  That would be a standard stock split in Quicken.  I am not sure if you would have received the fractional shares or if a Henderson shareholder would have received cash-in-lieu for those fractional shares.  

    I would then separately create the new company - Janus Henderson, with the NYSE ticker JHG.

    For the Janus shareholder, I believe it would then be a Corporate Acquisition transaction - JHG acquires Janus at 1:1.

    For the Henderson shareholder, it would be a Corporate Acquisition - JHG acquires Henderson at 2.393;  I believe that is the correct ratio, though for some reason the press releases et al. state it as for every 0.4179 Henderson share you get 1 Janus share.  

    If that leaves the Henderson shareholder with fractional shares, those fractional shares would be sold (Sell Shares transaction) for the cash-in-lieu amount received.  

    As always, backup first.  I would also do these transactions before accepting related download transactions from your brokerage which may not get it right the first time.  If you have already accepted related downloaded transactions, I would likely delete them before proceeding in this manner.

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