Muni Bonds - Where/how are Call dates used?

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I apologize if this is an obvious Accounting 101 concept. I've been googling this and couldn't find an answer.

My brokerage statements have FC dates for all of my municipal bonds, assumed to mean First Call. Some of them also have Call dates so I am confused about which to enter in the security details. My guess is to use the Call Date where it is specified, and the First Call date otherwise. But then my data is inconsistent (!)

Or does it even matter - is this info used in any calculations or reports (like the Maturity Date is) or anything?  



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    To my knowledge, the call dates for bonds are not used anywhere.  Maturity dates are visible on a Maturity Date Report and can be set up in a portfolio view customization.  Not so for call dates.  While I may have call dates entered for a few bonds, generally I don't worry about call dates in Quicken.  

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