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Baker Hughes (BHI) was acquired by GE and my shares were converted from BHI to BHGE. The problem is that Quicken downloads the proper share price and value but still assigns them to BHI whereas they show on Pershing as BHGE. I tried removing the BHI shares and adding the BHGE ones but Quicken has created placeholders to remove the BHGE and add back the BHI. There are apparently still BHI shares with a slightly different share value ($37.50 vs $37.35 as of July 14). Any thoughts on how to correct? 


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    a)  I would delete any and all applicable placeholders involving BHGE and BHI.  

    b)  I would consider entering a Corporate Acquisition transaction whereby BHGE acquires BHI.  This should generate a Remove Shares transaction for the BHI holding and one or more Add Shares transactions for the BHGE security.  Those sets of transactions should replace any similar transactions that might have been downloaded from your brokerage.  

    c)  I would edit the BHI security details to not have it matched to an online security.

    d)  If BHGE is matched to an online security, I would uncheck that box and then at the next opportunity (download from your broker), I would make sure their BHGE security matches to my BHGE security in Quicken.  
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