QWin 2-16 RPM: How to track a fraction of BitCoin

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Hi All,
I just purchased my first fraction of BitCoin. To be exact, I bought BTC 0.02693 for USD58.29. Yes, that's far from 1 bit.
I tried several combination to record this purchase with no success.
How to record this in Q17RPM?


  • K.O. (Win-Premier)
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    What problems did you encounter.  It should just be a buy transaction quantity of 0.02693 * price of 58.29.
  • NordinKa
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    Oh. I figured it out while waiting for the answer. :-)

    The quantity = 0.02693
    Price = 58.29 / 0.02693 (This is the actual BTC price on the day I purchased)
    The total should be 58.29.

    Thank you.
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