How do I record an employee stock option split?

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My employee ISO stock just split 3 for 1, including the options.  I entered the split of the stock itself and it went fine, but I don't see an option when creating a transaction to enter an option split.  How do I split my options?

My options are granted annually and each grant carries a 3-year vesting period where 1/3 vests each year.  I have exercised some, some are outstanding, and some are not vested yet.  I thought about just deleting everything and recreating it, but my options positions are complicated and I'm worried I will miss something.  I have about 8 years of options.  Please tell me there is a secret option split button I can't find.


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    The split for the underlying security should split the option security as well. Have you checked the number of shares in the Portfolio the day before and the day after the split?

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    You are correct, it did split the options automatically.  Happy days!
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