Problem reconciling an account with placeholder entries

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I have recently resolved placeholder entries in a Quicken Premier 2017 account and thought that all was well.  But when I tried to reconcile the cash balance in this account, all of the placeholder entries show up as Decreases to the cash balance of the account.  My understanding was that placeholder entries don't affect the cash balance of the account.  So, I'm not sure if this is a bug or what.  In any event, I'm left with the question: How do I reconcile the cash balance of an account with placeholder entries?


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    It's best to delete whatever placeholder entries are floating around and enter the correct register transactions in their place.

    A correctly entered Buy transaction, for example, will reduce the account's cash balance either directly within the investment account register or, if available, take money from the linked Cash account register.
    Any cash transfers into the investment account should be recorded separately.

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