Investment Performance Report: monthly vs yearly year end values don't match

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Using Quicken 2014, R 9.

When running the investment performance report I thought the year end values for a report sub-totaled by month should exactly match the same report sub-totaled by year. But they do not.

For example, the Dec 31, 2016 year end in the monthly report shows 100,000 but the yearly report shows 110,000.

Any one know the reason why this would occur?



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    Let's clarify.  The report presents Ending Market Value for December 31, 2016 in both the Don't Subtotal and the Subtotal by month variation.  I find those Ending Market Values to be identical (in the monthly subtotal, obviously for the month of December section of the report).

    The report also totals for the period (total for the year or total for the month) the Investment and the Return values.  The last values for those data are only for December in the by-month variation.  There would be no reason for those two value to match the similar values for the year in the by-year variation.

    So which "year end" values are you referring to?

    If you are seeing a difference in the Ending Market Value for December 31 between the two variations, I would start to break it down by account, to see if some particular account is contributing to the difference.  (I agree, all other thinks being equal - accounts, securities, etc., the two values for December 31 should be equal.)  
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    Thank you very much for your reply.

    I was looking at the December 31, 2016 Ending Market value by selecting all 11 accounts over the time span (12/31/2012 to 12/31/2016) and choosing the subtotal by month and subtotal by year. These 2 subtotal values did not match.

    Following your suggestion I ran the report for each account separately and discovered 2 accounts that are causing the problem. Will need to dig into why.
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