Shares Transferred Between Accounts is running for over 30 minutes!

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I've used Quicken for 20+ years and I've never seen anything like this: I'm transferring all securities from a 401K account to a general IRA and that process has been running for over 30 minutes (and is continuing).  I had already performed a SuperValidate, so it's not a data error.  Sure there's six years of history in that account, but WOW it is slow! It appears to be working as I can see the value of the two accounts change ever so slightly as it's running.


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    How many individual active(*) securities are in this account?
    (*) "Active" means you own shares of this security at this time.

    How many lots in each security?

    If you've ever terminated this process while running, restore your Quicken data file from a backup taken just before you started. The file you have with a half-completed killed transfer process most likely is toast.

    Try transferring securities one selected security at a time, creating a backup of your Quicken data file after each security. This will give you a restore point in case the next transfer action fails.
    When you have only one security left to go select "All securities" so that any Cash in the account is also transferred.

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    After 45 minutes, it partially completed. 3 of the 7 total securities transferred ok. I tried again and Quicken just didn't respond to the "ok/done" button. I had to exit, reboot and them finish the transfer. Only then, it partially completed as a placeholder transaction was prompted to complete. It's done but it shouldn't have been so difficult or time consuming.
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