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Random N/A errors

Alan Edelman
Alan Edelman Member ✭✭
edited August 2017 in Investing (Windows)
Quicken 2017, all patched and up to date, randomly considers two transactions as boughtx instead of bought generating n/a in the cash balance. There are literally thousands of entries in this account where cash from a dividend was used to purchase shares of a money market fund and all have been manually entered exactly the same way. Why two of these entries generate an n/a error seems inexplicable. Deleting and recreating the same entries does recreates the problem, validation found no errors. Apparently this is a "place holder error" but the only way to fix it is to create a placeholder entry that says the cash balance in the account is zero. Can anyone explain why two out of thousands of identically created entries have this uncorrectable error? Is there a fix or do I just anticipate Quicken will continue to randomly generate errors?


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