Cannot login to my investment portfolio.

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Cannot login to my investment portfolio. I have had a link on my desktop for years that brings me to my sign in screen. Now when I click on it, it brings me to a different "home" for Quicken and at portofolios, it tells me I do not have a portfolio. The link is for When trying to get to it, it changes the address to I replied 2 weeks ago, but thru email reply so I am resubmitting problem.  


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    Pat, I'm afraid the news is not good.

    Quicken Inc has changed their policy for use of and only users with QW2017 Premier and higher editions can use the site. If you were using another Quicken version or you were not using any Quicken version, your portfolio is no longer available.

    More details on the change can be found in this lengthy discussion on the topic:

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