Is there a way to set download quotes only for holdings?

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I clicked the "mark all" button in the security list and now every past and current holding is marked for quote downloading.  Is there a way to revert to ONLY download quotes for current holdings? Why would I want to download quotes for stocks I no longer own?
There are over 500 securities on my list, changing each individually would be a huge task.


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    No there is no other way than clicking one security at a time. You could restore a backup taken before you clicked select all.

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    You may want to just restore a backup from before you clicked the mark all if it hasn't been a long time. Then just go in and deselect the ones you want.
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    AFAIK, Quicken will not download quotes for securities with zero shares current holding, unless that security is also marked as include in Watch List (see Security List, Watch List column).
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