QWin: Investment return calculation is wrong.

Jim Trout
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I have two ETF's which I sold some shares. I still own shares in each. I sold specific lots and they are the last transactions for each ETF. For both of those ETF's the return data is now incorrect.

One shows a Gain of 1093.16 and income of 514.56 but the return is -474.59.
The other shows a Gain of 978.08 and income of 63.49 and the return is -302.77.

I'm not sure if any of the recent updates may have caused this but the sale was entered on 8/14/17.

I already tried deleting and re-entering one of the transactions and it didn't change anything.

It also does this on a stock that has Return of Capital transactions.

Upon further study it appears that quicken is NOT subtracting sales or Return of Capital from the Amount Invested which then makes the Return calculation invalid.

I'm fairly certain at one time Return was just Gain/Loss plus income.


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