QWin 2016: Deleted Investment transaction reappear

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Running Quicken 2016 Premier on Windows 10.  I have deleted incorrect investment transactions and they keep reappearing.  I have deleted them, then repaired/validated the file, and they still come back after restarting Quicken....


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    More details on these "incorrect investment transactions", please.

    Are they Placeholders, created as a result of Quicken comparing Holdings in Quicken with downloaded holdings from the brokerage?

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    Nope-not placeholders.  They were duplicate transfers of cash into an investment/retirement account from a bank/checking account.  The transactions are from June of 2014, and were somehow duplicated.  When I discovered the duplicates, I deleted one set.  After shutting down and restarting Quicken, they reappeared.  So, I deleted all of the transactions, recreated the correct ones, and validated/repaired the file.  But, everytime I close and reopen Quicken, they reappear as a MiscExp transaction with all the fields other than the amounts blank with the current date....
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