QWin 2017 RPM: How to access brokerage information in Acorns account?

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Is there any way to access a brokerage account at Acorns.com?




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    Hi Mike,

    I'm sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. To help us provide you with the most appropriate answer, please let us know which Quicken product (QWin or QMac), what version (2016, 2017,etc.) and what release you have installed. Also, let us know whether you are using the US version of Quicken or Quicken Canada.

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    Hi. Thanks for the reply. I am using QWin (Rental Property Version) 2017 for the US (see below). Helpful? Thoughts?

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    Btw, I've read Acorns works with Mint.
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    It appears that Acorns has not signed a contract with Quicken and/or Intuit for transaction downloading support.

    If you want transaction downloading into Quicken to work, that needs to happen first, then servers and support programs need to be set up at Acorns.
    Please contact Acorns management and request they add this service.

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