Stock not showing up in my list of investments

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In Quicken 2017 for Windows, I just purchased AT&T (symbol T) but it does not show up in my list of investments.    Transaction did subtract cash from my cash account.  Anyone else have this problem?


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    Seems to me it takes some time to update.  Never have seen cash removed for a buy without the new stock showing though.  Huh.  Wondering if the switch over to a solo company is an issue here.
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    It is limited to AT&T stock.   I used another stock symbol to see if would work and it did.
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    If the new security is missing from your Portfolio or Holdings view:

    • Check that the security was created properly in Quicken with Security Type = Stock (and NOT Market Index!)

    • Check that the security is not marked as hidden.
      Both of these checks you can do from Tools / Security List.

    • Go into the Portfolio View. Click the Customize button. Click the Securities tab. Scroll to the security and click it to give it a checkmark (or click the Select All button)

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    Great.  It worked.  Thanks
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