UnExplained spike in "net-worth over time " report

Chris Shatara Sr.
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Just converted from QuickenMac 2007 to QM-17.  When I run the "Net worth over time" report, it shows my networth in July jumping up by $6 Billion plus. and then back down to normal in August.  

I've tried customizing the report to isolate a few accounts which are causing the problem but I'm not familiar enough with the various tools in QM-17 to help me track down the cause.  ANY IDEAS?

All looks well when I walk through each account's transaction register.


  • UKR
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    The first thing I'd look at, if I knew how to do that in Quicken Mac (I'm a Windows user), would be downloaded price quotes for your securities. There could be bad data records messing up your Net Worth.
  • Craig
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    I've seen this issue a couple times and with some effort traced the source of the problem to a bogus security price in one of my portfolios. I had to work with the portfolio value reports to isolate the problem to a specific account, point in time and then a specific security, but then it was a simple matter of editing the price history to remove the bad data point.
  • Concordman
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    On the QM17 home screen check the account values on the the left sidebar. Which accounts appear inflated?  determine which account is the culprit ,check the register for possible placeholders which are shown at the beginning of the register in light gray.
  • Chris Shatara Sr.
    Chris Shatara Sr. Member ✭✭
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    Thanks for all the suggestions.  I finally tracked down the culprit and it was a bogus price for a money market fund which should have had a constant value of $1.00   Somehow it was corrupted for the last day of the month.  

    Which bring up an interesting point. ...On the Net Worth Over Time report, it wasn't clear when the value for a month was calculated...Beginning or End.  I finally deduced it was the end of the month.
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