QWin 2017 Premier (R15): Adding Dividend in Brokerage account does not increase cash balance

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Running Quicken 2017 Premier R15 on Windows 10.  I set up a Brokerage account and added a dozen stocks.  I replaced all placeholders with actual past transactions.  There are no placeholders remaining.  I am able to enter *reinvested* dividends.  But when I enter a plain Dividend (cash), the Cash Amt column and the Cash Bal column still say "N/A".  For that I use the Inc-Income transaction and enter the amount in the Dividend field and select the security name.  This is all manually, I'm not downloading any transactions.  What could I be doing wrong?  Thanks.


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    You are entering the transaction correctly.  All I can think of is that you might have an account in the Transfer Account drop down.  This should be blank.  Other than that, it's a mystery.
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    From C. D. Bales:

    "But when I enter a plain Dividend (cash), the Cash Amt column and the Cash Bal column still say "N/A"".

    "N/A" in the "Cash Amt" column is a sure sign that you have at least one placeholder in the account.

    A "placeholder" is a Quicken "Adjust Share Balance" transaction. A placeholder will have "Entry" in its "Action" column in the investment account Transaction List.

    To insure that you can see the placeholders, go to Edit > Preferences > Investment transactions, and put a check mark beside "Show hidden transactions.

    Then sort the investment account Transaction List by the "Action" column (click on the "Action" heading text") to find the transactions whose Action value is "Entry".

    Or you can look in the Banking > Transaction report. In that report, placeholders will display "*Placeholder" in the "Num" column - and they will appear in that report regardless of the "Show hidden transactions" setting.

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