Using Home & Business 2017-Windows. Trying to add a 3rd fund to EXISTING brokerage account.

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I am using Home & Business Quicken 2017 on Windows. I am trying to add a third mutual fund to an EXISTING brokerage account. Q will only create it as a new account and not add it to the brokerage account.


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    Did you try adding the security for the mutual fund FIRST...and then buying shares of that fund in the existing brokerage account???
  • Alan Medcalf
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    From my experience with Quicken Home & Business, the simplest way to do this is to start from the register view of the of the investment account, enter the date and "bought" then the name of the fund. When you tab to "number of shares", Quicken will recognize it's an unknown fund and pop up a dialogue box which you can click to then enter the fund details. This way you don't have to navigate to the "create a new security" dialogue first. See if this works for you. 
  • Bernie
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    Alan, BRAVO BRAVO, Your suggestion WORKED LIKE A CHARM. Thanks so much for your able assistance.
    I tried everything over a 2 day period and nothing worked. Again, THANKS again for your help.
    Bernie Ellert 10/23/2017
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